Handout with CIEP talk, November 4, 2020

Please find the handout accompanying my talk below, or download it here.

Editing in the era of digital nomadism and COVID-19: Challenges and opportunities

Handout with talk presented by Marieke Krijnen at the 2020 CIEP Conference, November 4, 2020.

www.mariekekrijnen.com, Twitter: @mariekegent

These tips are meant to improve your mental and physical health as a digital nomad and while working from home during the pandemic. I realize that these ideas are not attainable for or inclusive of everyone. Please just pick what you can use from this.

[I edited this to add a link to The Unofficial CIEP group on Facebook]

Physical health: exercise

-Running apps: Couch Potato to 5KCouch to 5KZombies Run.

-Walking app: AllTrails.

-Exercise classes via YouTube: Yoga with Adriene, or search for “bodyweight workout” or “home workout.” App: Seven.

-Video game for workout: Just Dance.

-Skipping, resistance bands, dummbells.

-Swimming: SwimUp.

-Twitter hashtags to follow for motivation: #StetWalk#StetRun#RunOnEditors#StetDance#StetYoga… or coin your own!

-Exercise while working: desk cycletreadmill deskunder-desk elliptical.

-Look for exercise buddies when lockdowns are over via MeetUp or Facebook.

Physical health: ergonomics

-Accessories: laptop stand or separate screen, separate keyboard and mouse, Rollermouse.

-Office furniture: desk chair, standing desk, footrest, portable saddle chair.

-Vary where and how you sit: living room, desk, floor, bed, garden, balcony, park, armchair

-Join a coworking space.

Mental health: work-life balance

Switching off from work:

-Block access to phone apps such as email after work hours: Stay Focused.

-Switch off your computer and stash it (if it’s a laptop) when you are done with work.

-Take a chunk of time off to reset your brain.

Focusing on work:

-Block distracting websites and apps or block internet altogether on phone/computer: Freedom.

-In COVID times: work in a hotel room for a day (or find another safe space to work in like a shed, a boat, or an Airbnb, or swap houses).

-In normal times: join a coworking space, or go to the library or a café to work elsewhere.

Mental health: community/connection

-Join digital support communities.

Digital coworking sessions.

Mastermind or accountability groups.

-Join a professional association…

… to benefit from member forums, webinars, and meetings.

-Attend conferences and workshops organized by these associations or follow them online (for example via the hashtag #CIEP2020).

-Join a coworking space or find a group of freelancers to cowork with via Meetup.com or Facebook. Local Shut Up and Write chapters exist all over the world, for example.


-Don’t forget to give yourself a break!