Services and rates

You can hire me for research, editing and writing services, in English as well as Dutch. Contact me for more information.

In short, my rates are as follows:

Research services:
To be discussed with the client.

Editing services:
Proofreading: 1.5 eurocents a word.
Language editing: 2 eurocents a word.
Content editing: 3 eurocents a word.
Scientific editing: 4 eurocents a word.
Developmental/structural editing: 5 eurocents a word.

Writing services:
20 eurocents a word.

If you are an individual located within the EU, I have to charge 21% VAT on top of these rates. Outside the EU, the VAT is not charged.

A detailed description of each service, plus rates, can be found below.

Research services

You can hire me for any research services in my areas of expertise (which include urban and human geography, urban studies, gentrification, the financialization of housing, real estate and urban space, as well as  Middle East studies, economic geography, qualitative research methods, sociology or political science). I can provide you with a state-of-the-art literature review, or an answer to a specific question that requires some research. I can also conduct fieldwork and interviews. Contact me to discuss the details of your request, and together we can make a plan!

Editing services

Note that the services below are offered for book manuscripts, articles, grant proposals, doctoral dissertations and other academic and non-academic work.

This is the lightest form of editing. I charge 1.5 eurocents a word (plus 21% VAT in the EU). For this, I will conduct an extremely thorough proofreading of your text, and remove all spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency mistakes, including all footnotes, references, indexes, use of numerals, and so on.

Language editing
This is a service for writers whose first language isn’t English. I conduct a thorough proofreading plus language edit to improve the manuscript’s English, making sure that sentences and expressions are compatible with academic English. The rate for language editing is 2 eurocents a word (plus 21% VAT in the EU).

Content editing
This is a heavier form of editing, where, besides proofreading (and a language edit if English isn’t your first language) I rewrite sentences, delete repetitions, and keep an eye on style and consistency overall. My rate is 3 eurocents a word (plus 21% VAT in the EU).

Scientific editing
Finally, if you have a manuscript that discusses a topic within the range of my expertise, I can conduct a scientific edit, where I review the manuscript in terms of its scientific content, and suggest improvements and additional literature that can strengthen your argument. The rate is 4 eurocents a word (plus 21% VAT in the EU).

Developmental/structural editing
Are you stuck? Do you need to know how to revise or continue with your paper? You might need developmental or structural editing. This is the heaviest form of editing, where the entire draft is evaluated in terms of style, structure, argument, coherence and consistency. It can involve a restructuring of paragraphs and significant rewriting of sections. I might delete entire sentences or move them to other sections. For this form of editing, I charge 5 eurocents a word (plus 21% VAT in the EU).

I can format your manuscript according to the requirements set forth by your publisher. For example, I can format references according to a certain citation style, or make sure the text is formatted with certain page margins and headers. The rate for this form of editing is dependent on the amount of work involved, and will be discussed when you contact me with your request.

Writing services

Do you need an article on a specific topic? Are you planning to write your memoirs, but feel like you are in need of a ghostwriter? Or have you conducted a survey and are now stuck with a large dataset and a bunch of questions and hypotheses? I can help you turn your ideas, data or questions into a written piece. I can analyze large datasets and turn them into a readable report. I can construct a book out of your memories. Or maybe you need an experienced co-author to work on a piece together? Whatever it is, contact me with your project and let’s see if I can help! For writing, I generally charge 20 eurocents a word (plus 21% VAT in the EU).