Services and rates

You can hire me for editing services in English as well as Dutch.  My services are described below, and you can contact me for more information.

In short, my rates are as follows (please note that I have a minimum charge of €100):

Proofreading: 1.5 eurocents a word.
Formatting: 2–3 cents a word.
Copyediting/stylistic editing: 3 eurocents a word.
Developmental/structural editing: 4–5 eurocents a word.

If you are an individual located in the EU, I have to charge 21% VAT on top of these rates. Outside the EU, the VAT is not charged.

Proofreading is a final check before a text goes to print/is submitted to the publisher. It is often done on PDFs. I thoroughly check your text for typos, grammar, and punctuation errors. I make sure the references are formatted correctly and that the headings and page numbers are in the right place.

I can format your manuscript’s text according to the requirements set forth by your publisher. For example, I can format references according to a certain citation style, or make sure the text is formatted with certain page margins and headers. The rate for this form of editing is dependent on the amount of work involved, and will be discussed when you contact me with your request. Please note that I don’t do design, nor do I work with visual materials.

Copyediting/Stylistic editing
Copyediting and stylistic editing occur after developmental editing, which I explain below. I will check your manuscript for correctness (grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage), accuracy (of information, visuals, numbers), consistency (in style, referencing, terminology, presentation) and completeness (in terms of information, referencing, and copyright/permissions). This kind of editing does not look at the bigger structure or the content of the manuscript, but focuses on the paragraph, sentence, and word levels of the text. I apply a style guide or reference style if required. I improve the length and structure of sentences and remove “false friends” and other common errors that are often made by authors whose first language isn’t English. I keep an eye out for jargon, improve expression, and make sure the language is suitable for the intended audience of the text. I adjust paragraph lengths where suitable.

Developmental/structural editing
This is the heaviest form of editing. If you are you stuck, or need help revising or continuing your work, you might need developmental editing. I evaluate the entire draft in terms of style, content, structure, argument, coherence, and consistency. I can suggest a complete restructuring with new chapters and a new outline, point out weaknesses in your argument, and suggest improvements overall in terms of writing style, flow, order of chapters, and content.