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For PhD students

Are you finishing up your PhD dissertation?

Do you want a second pair of well-trained eyes to go over your document before you submit it to your jury and/or committee?

Do you have a long list of references that need to be formatted, and are you too burned out to do it?

Do you need to format your document and can you not seem to figure out Word styles?

Let me help you.

I am an experienced academic copyeditor. I am fluent in many citation styles in the social sciences and humanities, including Chicago Notes and Bibliography/Author-Date, APA, and different Harvard styles. I am well trained in Microsoft Word and its different functions. I’ve written a PhD dissertation myself and I know what it takes to complete it for submission. Please have a look at my services and rates below and contact me at if you are interested!

Please note that the ethics of my profession prohibit me from making far-reaching changes in dissertations. Also, my services require the written consent of a supervisor, which we can arrange by email should you choose to work with me.

Services and rates


This package includes copyediting, the formatting of references, and document formatting. I check your dissertation for spelling, grammar, typos, and consistency so that you can confidently submit it to the jury. I also check that references are complete and formatted according to the preferred citation style, and that publisher guidelines are followed.
Rates: €0.03 per word. For institutions in the EU (not individuals), an additional 23% VAT is reverse-charged.
Example: Copyediting an 80,000-word dissertation will cost €2,400, excluding VAT.

Document formatting

This package includes the styling of headings, and the creation of a table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, and list of abbreviations. I also ensure that cross-references to figures and tables are numbered correctly.
Rates: €150 for documents up to 60,000 words; €200 for documents between 60,000 and 120,000 words. Word counts do not include the reference list.

Reference checking and formatting

This is a service in which you can send me your list of references. In addition to formatting them according to the required citation style, I will look each one up and make sure the author name, titles, and so on are spelled right and conform to journal or publisher requirements.
Rates: €2 per reference. For institutions in the EU (not individuals), an additional 23% VAT is reverse-charged.
Example: Checking and formatting a reference list containing 100 references will cost €200, excluding VAT.


Marina Tulin
PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam
Marieke did an excellent job proofreading my PhD dissertation. I contacted her when I was already pressed for time, and she did not only agree to do it on short notice, but she even beat the deadline! What I particularly liked was that communication with Marieke was very pleasant, efficient and easy. She was proactive in making suggestions, but always checked in with me. I really enjoyed working with her and I would do it again any time.

Dr. Andrea Núñez Casal
Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom
Marieke proofread and formatted my doctoral dissertation. I could not be more satisfied with the result. She was very conscious about and sensitive to the nature and challenges of my work and writing, involving embodied experiences of health and disease. She is incredibly accurate, reliable, responsible and transparent, all essential qualities in a editor, and especially so for early-career researchers, an uncertain stage in which the pressures of authorship and publishing are at its highest. In addition, working with Marieke turned the weeks before the official submission of my PhD into a pleasurable experience! I highly recommend her editorial services.

Marie Karner
PhD candidate, Institute of Geography, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
I can highly recommend Marieke if you are looking for a professional editor who is reliable and very accurate. She responds to e-mails immediately and edited an article at very short notice. Thanks to her expertise in the Middle East, she also comments on content-related formulations. I agreed to all of her suggestions for changes which is the best proof for the high quality of her work.