Because of confidentiality agreements, I can’t share the vast majority of publications that I’ve worked on as an editor. Below you find those that I can share and some other things I’ve done.


Arcmage.org (fantasy card game). Rebirth Set cards and cities. 2018/2019 (editor).

Comaty, Lyna. Post-Conflict Transition in Lebanon: The Disappeared of the Civil War. London: Routledge, 2019 (developmental editor).

Global Academic Press. Entire website. 2018 (editor, Dutch).

Lebanon Pavilion. Brochure and press releases. Venice Biennale, 2018 (editor).

Terreform (ed.). Letters to the Leaders of China: Kongjian Yu and the Future of the Chinese City. New York: UR Books, 2018 (proofreader). Named among the best books of 2018 by ASLA.

Terreform (ed.). Open Gaza. New York: UR Books, forthcoming (copyeditor).


Global Academic Press. Entire website (Dutch -> English).

Proefschriftmaken.nl. Blog posts (Dutch -> English).

Talks and seminars.

A poster announcing the lecture at the Lebanese University.Department of Architecture, Lebanese University, November 2017. I gave a public lecture titled “Understanding urban change and gentrification in Mar Mikhael.”

AUB Policy Institute, American University of Beirut, June 2017. I was chair and discussant of a panel titled “Housing and the Struggle for Social (In)justice in the City: Comparative Perspectives from India, Brazil, Algeria and Lebanon,” which can be found on Youtube.


City Debates conference, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, March 2015. I gave a talk titled “Capital, state and conflict: the various drivers of diverse gentrification processes in Beirut, Lebanon,” which is on Youtube. The talk is based on a publication co-authored with Dr. Christiaan De Beukelaer. This conference culminated in a special issue of the journal CITY, which I’ve written about elsewhere.

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